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  • Taking good quality photos

Taking good quality photos

Having good product images is fundamental to have a good quality listing.

Only white background

Make sure it is plain white, for your product to stand out.

No borders, just the product

Customers should focus on the product, anything else is a distraction.

No logos or watermarks

No banners or promotional statements

Leave discounts or promotions for the description.

Take into account the minimum size

When adding product images, make sure they have, at least, 500x500 pixels.

Only one product per image

Use images that only include the product you are selling and don’t show more than one together. If you want to offer other colors or models, you should create variations.

More tips?

  • Take big size pictures
  • We recommend them to be around 1200 x 900 pixels, so the buyers can zoom in.

  • Check it has enough light and is focused correctly
  • Not too exposed or too dark: the product details should be clear and not blurry.

  • Make use of the whole image
  • Show the real product from different angles.