Shipping solutions

Choose different shipping options depending on your business strategy.

Mercado Envios Full Warehouse

Is the integrated service for Mercado Libre Mexico, by which we store, take care and send your products to the customers. With this method we aim to provide a better Customer Experience with shorter delivery times.

How it works

  1. To import your items to Mexico you will need to partner with a company that can act as an importer of record. It will be up to you to pay the corresponding international shipping and associated import taxes to get your shipment through customs.
  2. Once you’ve chosen the suitable partner to work with, you need to select the items you will be sending. To choose the correct ones it is important to consider:
    • — Items should have high rotation. It doesn’t make sense to store in our warehouse products that are unpopular and will not be sold frequently.
    • — Applicable import duties and taxes.
  3. Applicable regulations that may include certifications or permits to import certain goods.
  4. With products and quantities to be sent defined with the corresponding partner they should be informed in Mercado Libre’s fulfillment interface. Through our Mercado Envíos Full platform you will be able to select the items you will be sending, schedule the delivery and print the corresponding labels for us to identify the incoming shipment.
  5. International shipment and customs clearance of the goods is seller’s responsibility
  6. Mercado Libre will receive your shipment, process it and add those items to your stock. From that moment onwards your items will be active and available for sale and each time you receive an order we will take care of the pick, pack and ship of those products.

Main benefits of this program

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    Mercado Envíos Full is free of charge, you don’t need to pay any storage or pick and pack fee.
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    Products arrive considerably faster to your customers. They will count with the same shipping times as the local offer.
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    In the case of products over MXN$ 299, you will offer free shipping and benefit from a 50% discount on the shipping cost. In other cases, free shipping will be optional, but if you choose to offer it to your customer, you will benefit from a 30% discount on the shipping cost. See details
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    We take care of the last mile delivery. You only need to worry about getting the bulk shipments to our FC.
Mercado Envios Partnered Carrier

When integrating to our CBT platform, you will be able to use our partner carrier services. By using this option you will:

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    Access to our agreements with specific carriers
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    Not need to worry about calculating shipping costs and import taxes
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    Generate shipping labels directly from our platform with no need to integrating or negotiating with a new shipping provider

How it works

  1. Publish your product, including dimensions and weight information (see product Dimensions and Weight Restrictions)
  2. Based on the information you provided we calculate shipping costs and taxes for each market (more details about costs)
  3. Once an order is created, automatically generate and print the shipping label via API or from the Merchant Portal
  4. Deliver the products to the carrier within 3 business days (maximum handling time allowed)
  5. Carrier delivers the product to the buyer (see standard delivery times)
  6. When you use this shipping method, you will not be able to send packages through other carriers.

Available origins and destinations

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From China to Mexico and Chile
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From USA to Mexico and Argentina
Your chosen carrier

In case you already have an integration with a shipping provider or you want to use a different solution than the mentioned above, you will have the possibility of using the service of your choice.


In order to ensure a good customer experience we demand certain requirements for this method:

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    All shipments should be Delivery Duties Paid. We don’t accept any service in which the buyer needs to pay an extra cost on arrival of the package.
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    All shipments need to have an associated tracking number. Buyers must have the possibility of knowing where their package is and an estimated time of arrival (see instructions to share tracking number on our platform)
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    Delivery times should not be higher than 30 natural days

It will be your responsibility to calculate shipping costs and taxes and include them in your product price. All listings in this scheme will be tagged as “Free Shipping”. In this case the relationship with the carrier will be directly yours. You will need their support to know shipping costs and taxes applicable, and will have the responsibility of complying with their demands and payment flows.

What this option provides is the liberty to choose the best fit solution for your business strategy and for the market you want to sell in. It allows you to sell from any country of origin to any of the 4 countries in which Cross Border is available in Mercado Libre (Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Chile).

*Sellers will be able to use integrated solutions for a certain market and own solution for others, but we currently don’t support different options for the same country