Flat File User Guide

Error Messages

Numeric Code: Message
1001Invalid API method
1002Internal Server Error
1003Update request failed, Please retry.
1004Inactive API user account
1005Invalid JSON structure
1006End request failed, Please retry.
1007Delete request failed, Please retry.
1008Invalid Update request
1009Invalid Input Request
1010HTTP method not allowed
1011API Operation failed.
1012Error response obtained from MercadoLibre API.
1013Service Unavailable
1014Product Locked, please retry after sometime
1015Resource not found
1016Invalid page number
2001Category ID not found
2002Category Mapping not found
4001Invalid grant type
4002Grant type not found
4003Invalid access token
4004Invalid refresh token
4005Missing access token
4006Missing refresh token
4007Expired access token
4008Expired refresh token
4009Invalid client Id or Client Secret
4010Invalid client Id
4011Client Id required
4012Redirect URL mismatch
4013Expired auth code
4014Invalid auth code
10001SKU or MPID is required
10002SKU or MPID not found
10003Product title English is required
10005Description or specification required
10006Sale price is required
10007Quantity is required
10008Condition is required
10009Invalid condition
10010Non numeric quantity
10011Non numeric sale price
10012Non numeric dimension
10013Non numeric shipping cost
10014Non numeric delivery time
10015Duplicate SKU, SKU already present
10016Image URL is required
10017Shipping Cost is required
10018Weight unit is required
10019Weight unit is invalid
10020Dimension unit is required
10021Dimension is required
10022Dimension unit is invalid
10023Exceeds max length warranty English (1024 characters)
10024Exceeds max length warranty Spanish
10025Exceeds max length warranty Portuguese
10026Variation primary color is required
10027Variation secondary color is required
10028Variation size is required
10029Variation season is required
10030Exceeds max length primary color 100 characters
10031Exceeds max length secondary 100 characters
10032SIZE_MAX_LENGTH Exceeds max length size 50 characters
10033Exceeds max length season 100 characters
10034Exceeds max length title English 150 characters
10035Exceeds max length title Spanish 60 characters
10036Exceeds max length title Portuguese 60 characters
10040Category id is required
10041Exceeds category id max length 50 characters
10042Brand is required
10043Exceeds brand max length 50 characters
10044Model is required
10045Exceeds model max length 50 characters
10046Exceeds Image URL max length 1024 characters
10047Exceeds image URL max number 6 images
10048Exceeds video URL max length 1024 characters
10049Country of origin is required
10050Exceeds country of origin max length 2 characters
10051Exceeds shipping from country max length 2 characters
10052UPC is required
10053Exceeds UPC max length 25 characters
10054Exceeds specification max length 2000 characters
10055Exceeds specification max length 2000 characters
10056Exceeds specification max length 2000 characters
10057Shipping from is required
10058Weight is required
10059Product already ended
10060Invalid quantity
10061Invalid sale price
10063Invalid shipping cost
10063Invalid delivery time
10064Invalid dimension
10065Product Listing ID required
10066Product Listing ID not found
10067Category id is not a leaf level category.
10068Following Mandatory variation(s) required in the input are missing:
10069Input has variation id value pairs which are invalid. Following are the invalid ones:
10070Category id is not valid.
10071Product classification pending.
10072Product already listed.
10073Product is not ready to be published.
10074MPID is required
10075Exceeds max length SKU 50 characters
10076Category Id can't be changed.
10077Product has a sale, Following fields can't be modified:
10078Invalid MPID
10079Invalid parameter supplied.
10080Reached product maximum limit
10081SKU is required
10082SKU not found
10083Invalid value for is_primary_variation
10084Primary variation SKU not found.
10085Invalid primary variation SKU.
10086An active child is required for publishing a primary variation product
10088CategoryId of a Child Product should be same as the CategoryId of the Primary Product
10089Another publish request is in queue, please wait till it completes
10090Child product cannot be published. Please use the Parent MPID for publish
10091The Product attribute (variation) already exists
10092Delete request is in queue, please wait till it completes
10093Cannot update variation attributes
10094Quantity should be greater than zero for atleast one child product
10095Exceeds description max length 4000 characters
10096Exceeds description max length 4000 characters
10097Exceeds description max length 4000 characters
10098Shipping_from country of a Child Product should be same as the Shipping_from country of the Primary -Product
10099Condition of a Child Product should be same as the Condition of the Primary Product
10100Condition can't be changed
10101Invalid currency code
10102Currency Code of a Child Product should be same as the Currency Code of the Primary Product
10103Currency Code can't be changed
10104Invalid shipping from country code
10105Shipping From can't be changed
10106Invalid country of origin code
10107Invalid country code in the international shipping cost by country
10108product_type length exceeds 25 characters
10109Invalid international shipping cost
10110Invalid shipping cost in the international shipping cost by country
11001Order IDs or number of days is required
11002Order ID not found
11003Order not found
11004Orders not found
11005Invalid Order ids structure
11006Order id is required
11007Product count in order exceeds available count or permitted limits.
11008Product listing is still pending, can not create order.
11009Invalid MPID.
11010Product out of stock.
11011Supplied quantity is invalid.
11012Site not supported.
11013Order cancellation not allowed.
11014Order cancellation failed.
11015Invalid order status
12001Create shipment failed
12002Cancel shipment failed
12004Shipment Id not found
12005Shipment already created
12007Shipment is required
12008Tracking ID is required
12009Carrier is required
12010Exceeds max length tracking URL 1024 characters
12011Exceeds max length tracking id 50 characters
12012Exceeds max length carrier 50 characters
12013Invalid quantity
12014Shipment product details is required
12015Shipment cancellation not allowed.
12016Shipment not allowed, all product(s) shipped.
12017Another shipment request is in queue, please wait!!
12018Shipment creation not allowed.
12019Please contact us by email at cbt-support@mercadolibre.com
13000Feedback Message ID in the input is invalid.
13001No matching message entry found forgiven message ID.
13002Order fulfilled field is required.
13003Order field is expected to be either 1 or 0.
13004Feedback message exceeds the permitted length.
13005Feedback message id is invalid.
13006Either feedback message or message ID are required in the input.
13007Only positive rating is allowed.
13008Input given for translation required field is invalid.
13009Reply message exceeds the permitted length.
13010Reply message is required.
13014Product identifier is required.
13015Invalid UPC product identifier.
13016Invalid EAN product identifier.
13017Invalid ISBN product identifier.
13018Invalid GTIN product identifier.