Expand your business to Latin America
Access more than 600 million potential customers

We are the leading ecommerce platform in the region

Our mission is to bring ecommerce to everyone and everywhere in LATAM

Searches per second
Purchases per second
Items sold per day

International selling is so much easier now

A single account allows you to sell in Mexico, Brazil, Chile and Argentina. You will be able to offer your products in the main Latin American markets and manage everything from one platform.

Offer your products in local currency but receive your money in USD

Customers will be able to pay in local currency with local payment methods, allowing those who don’t have access to international credit cards to buy your products.

Our sales fee also includes financing options, free installments for the buyer, a very common way of paying for latin american customers.

How does it work!

You publish in USD and your customers pay in local currency
We keep the product price updated in local currency in our platform
You receive in your bank account the same amount published in USD in a single payment*.
*Discounting our fee.

Our shipping solutions at your service

Mercado Envios Full Warehouse

For Mexico we count with a local fulfillment solution. You send your products to our warehouse and we take care of delivering them with same day/next day delivery times.

Mercado Envios Partnered Carrier

You will be able to send your products directly to the customers using our partner carrier services. In this case we take care of calculating shipping costs and taxes.

Mercado Envios Partnered Warehouse

Compete with local sellers with a best delivery promise. Send your products in bulk to our partnered warehouse in the U.S., and we‘ll make your business grow in Mexico.

Your chosen carrier

Our platform allows you to use the logistics solution you prefer. You will be able to send your products to any of our operating countries.

We are more than just a Marketplace

We are an end to end solution, taking care of the sale experience from when you upload your catalogue until the customer receives his products.

Boost your brand and products

We offer you a set of tools for you to give your brand exposure and get thousands of buyers interested in your products.

Forget about language barriers

We provide an automatic translation tool for titles, descriptions and for your contact with the customers (pre sale and post sale interactions).

You still have doubts about how to work with us?

Preparing for selling internationally may be a challenge. Explore our frequently asked questions to make sure you are ready for success.

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